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Entry #7

There is a God...

2008-12-21 21:26:08 by xxDarkheart555xx

I cant belive it,finally one of my flashes made it!!I want to thank everyone who pushed me and now when i post something it will go under artist!Thank you newgrounders!!!!!!!

There is a God...


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2008-12-21 21:33:14

You can thank me.

xxDarkheart555xx responds:

Thankx!(if you voted that is)


2008-12-21 23:07:28

You're welcome! Oh and if you want the replay button fixed, just put the code below into the button along with the stop(); action in the frame:

on (release) {

Replace * with frame number you want to play from. Good luck! :D

xxDarkheart555xx responds:



2008-12-22 19:02:52

I suppose I'll leave the comment on this news post. (Congrats by the way, I know I felt the same way when I had my first blue-scoring flash)

Anyway in response to your... response, think nothing of it! :D You're very good at art, even with Bomb Run's simple character, the background looked very good. You have talent. With many months of time and effort, I can see you going places on NG. I wish you luck with your other submissions!

xxDarkheart555xx responds:

Thanks man for your honesty,its very apprecated!


2010-07-06 01:13:51

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