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I Suck

2008-12-21 02:11:11 by xxDarkheart555xx

I've owned Micromedia Flash 8 for a while now but sadly I dont know much about how to use it properly. Ive created about 4 flashes but sadly they were shot down without a chance like an aborted fetus....very uneccesary joke,back to the matter I need some help, i would like to say i can draw well but i need the proper guidence to make a good flash,any help???

I Suck


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2008-12-21 20:09:34

Judging by the quality of the picture you drew, and the way you subtly slip humor into your normal speech, I'd say you would make a great flash artist. Try making your next flash a bit more fleshed out than Bomb Run was, though. XP

If you're looking on how to use the program, I would strongly recommend you use the tutorial section here on NG:


Hope that helps. You are a very good artist and animator, I'd love to see more work from you! :D

xxDarkheart555xx responds:

im not even kinding right now you are about to make me cry, to even think someone would say this much about my work is amazing thank you so much this means so much to a kid like me,Your the greatest!